Sunday, June 17, 2012

Melia White House Hotel:Comfort in the heart of London

The Melia White House London
by: anakngkidlat

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I had accompanied my wife to London for her training. Lucky for us, the accommodations for the trip has already been made and the hotel that was booked for is Melia White House Hotel.

Located on Albany Street, the hotel is very accessible on all modes of transport. It has 3 Tube stations and one bus stop nearby so you won't have any problems with the commute. There are also main tourist spots nearby such as The London Zoo, Madame Tussauds, Regent's Park and the British Museum.

Waiting Area
The staff has been very courteous and very helpful of their clients. There was one instance that there was a confusion about our reservation at the hotel that the staff immediately looked on the issue and made action.

There are a lot of amenities in hotel. A few of them are their buffet style breakfast, the fitness and therapy center,Longford's Bar and their award winning restaurant L Albufera.

Just one of the many food displays

My Breakfast!

I have no words as how to describe what our room looks like so I'll just put it into pictures..

Our room!

Check their website..

The desk.

The view outside

From our food stash..

They even have a safe for your valuables!

If we were on a vacation, we would consider other cheaper hotels as they are scattered throughout London but if I'm well off, I would recommend this hotel =).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is GREAT London.. este Britain =)

Welcome to London
by: anakngkidlat

First and foremost, I would like to thank God for this opportunity to travel and second to my wife for having me as company on her trip. (actually if not for her training, we wouldn't be going there)

Within the two weeks I have stayed there (I really tried to maximize my trip promise!) there are a lot of reasons to love and enjoy London. Let me give you a gist:

1.Museums and Galleries

With an overflowing number of Museums in London alone (and most of them have no admission fees) from the most famous to the most the bizarre and from small galleries to the most grandiose, Their collections won't cease to astound young and old alike.

2.Flora and Fauna

With a wide variety of flowers and animals in most of the gardens that are abound the city, you can't resist to sit back and relax or reveal your artistic side and either take photos or sketch the scenery.

3. Food

With the influence from other countries, an endless list of food choices can be picked depending on your taste buds. Mostly during my stay though, I just ate food from the stash that we brought because we are on a tight (tight is a bit of an understatement) budget.


You might think "why commute?" Because London has one of the most accessible modes of transportation: from the tube to the famous red bus to the black cab. As a first time tourist in London, I found it impossible to be lost within the city for there are maps for every bus stop or free maps on tube stations. And if in case you're still lost, locals are willing to assist.

5. Famous Landmarks

To put this in a few words, these places identify the country much like of our Rizal Monument in Luneta Park. They are definitely must see places!

This is just a preview of a more detailed journal of my stay so please do check for updates in the coming weeks.. Cheers!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Memorable Night Out with Wifey and her Best Friends

Yakimix, Spicy Fingers and Starbucks in one night!
by: anakngkidlat

Before my major trip (I'll post it in the coming days) My wife's best friend came here from Malaysia where she is currently working. Before she left Manila, she has invited my wife and their other best friends (actually they are 4 friends since high school). I was also invited of course but I made myself useful as their photographer,(as you will see in the photos) chaperon and everything else they would need.

So first up, we ate at Yakimix Greenbelt. I know it has been reviewed by a lot from food critiques to your average joe. Me and my wife had ate here but it was in MoA. I have nothing to suggest on a better eat all you can experience near Makati and this would have been their first time eating together here.

Take note this is just round 1.. 

grill grill grill...

won't miss this in my buffet list

and of course.. for the finale

and this one too..
After a sumptuous feast, not to mention a lot of reminiscing and laughs, we scoured at our next place to hang out.

where to?
At a moments notice, they just decided to go to Spicy Fingers to grab one beer and chill a bit.

Enter Spicy Fingers!


The Band was great!

We just had one beer each because most of us will be going to work the next day and we don't want to have more than the Monday sickness... Lastly we went to Starbucks for more chit chat and laughs.

The "bests" @ Starbucks

The accidental food (it was not meant for us but we ate it anyway hahaha)

I guess this is Caramel Macchiato

As far as I can remember, we went home by 1 or 2 am but it was definitely worth the time! It makes me think of my high school friends that I have not met for the longest time.

Memo to me: when there is an invitation from my high school barkada, I would try my best to keep an available time to meet them. =)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank you!

1000 Views Achieved!

I would like to thank all of you who have viewed my posts and my blog as a whole. Without you guys, I would not have made this achievement!

1,000 views and counting! (credits to 

And as a special bonus, I might not be posting for two weeks as I will be on a major trip so please check my site for updates. I might give a teaser.

Well, I might give a little hint.. 

Again, Thank you for visiting my blog =)