Monday, April 16, 2012

The Adventures of the Dynamic Tatays Part 2: Makati's Caracol Festival

My Caracol Festival Experience

After having a blast from our Food Trip/ Visita Iglesia in Binondo, me and Brian immediately went back to Makati to witness the Caracol Festival.

The name of the Festival is a Spanish term meaning "Snail" for it symbolizes it's toughness through harsh conditions of life which also relates to the theme of protecting our natural resources.

Me @ the starting point of the parade
 We were a bit early so we checked some of the participants on the parade.

Some of the participants in their colorful costumes


MAPSA on patrol
A few minutes later, the parade started. The participants came from various schools and barangays all over Makati.

Spongebob was also here!

And to top it up there is a dance competition divided into three categories: Elementary, Highschool and Collegiate/ Open.

Aside from these trophies, cash prizes were also given
I decided to use a burst shot to show some of their routines:

I wanted to shoot more pictures but sadly my batteries died on me. It was already dark when we left even though the winners were not yet announced. I am just happy that there is still that Fiesta spirit within the corporate streets of Makati =). Again my special thanks to Brian of for some of the pics posted in this blog.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Adventures of the Dynamic Tatays Part 1: Ongpin's Churches and Food trip

A Food Trip and Mini Visita Iglesia in Ongpin
by: anakngkidlat

Brian had another lakad in mind and of course I was willing to listen if it can be done. He said there is a festival to be held in Makati called CARACOL. I thought "A festival in Makati? You've gotta be kidding". From his face I could say he is telling the truth. He even showed me pictures of previous festivals. Its funny that I'm a resident of Makati for the past 2-3 years and I had no idea about this. So we checked the net for the schedule. Based from the sites we have seen, it usually starts at 10 am so we thought of a side trip to go with it. Since I was also in the mode of buying a new camera, I wanted to check Hidalgo. Brian had made it much better by going through Ongpin after checking cameras at Hidalgo.

We met at 10 am just to see that it will start at 4 pm! Man we were way too early!

And we thought it was 10 am.. oh well
We had no choice but to had our itinerary turn upside down and we went to Hidalgo first. He checked for new lenses and bags while I did looked for my Panasonic G3 and sad to say there wasn't any (one of the reasons why I'm giving up on buying it). After checking for gadgets we went straight ahead to Ongpin with our first stop,  Church of Santa Cruz.
Historical Marker

With the Carriedo Fountain
The Church was made during the 17th century by the Jesuits with Our Lady of Pilar as its Patron Saint.

A devotee in prayer


It was almost lunch time and I am so hungry that I couldn't have a decent shot. We have to look for budget friendly restaurants. (and Ongpin has a lot of those) Sadly, it was Sunday and most of them were closed and The worst part is that we had no map or guide to check.

The Arch of Goodwill

A lot these items are common here in Ongpin

Jade and other items usually bring good luck, fortune and health!
You may call it stroke of luck but we luckily found a restaurant that we have checked in the net prior to our trip: LGA Fastfood!

This restaurant serves delicious Chinese cuisine at affordable prices! Come to think of it, for at least 250+ pesos per person (as far as I can remember) we had 3 viands, yangchow rice and a 1.5 L softdrink!


Lemon Chicken

Beef Hot Pot
Yangchow rice
Photo opps before eating
Man were stuffed!
And were not only the satisfied customers!
We were not yet done with our trip as I told Brian that there is another church here: Binondo Church. As we were looking for where the Church is, we stumbled upon a place famous for its Chinese Delicasies: Eng Bee Tin!

Home of the Best Hopia and Tikoy!
There are a lot of food to choose from. They even have innovated a fusion of Tikoy and Hopia : The Mochipia.

Hopia Heaven!
There are a lot of customers!
After buying our pasalubongs, we also found Binondo Church. We didn't noticed that we were so near the church.

The church also known as the Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo Ruiz (named after the first Filipino Saint) was founded in 1596 by the Dominicans not only to serve Chinese converts but also the Filipino natives.

There was a wedding ongoing when we went.

The Altar

One of the Station of the Cross figures 

San Lorenzo Ruiz

It was 3 pm then and we need to go back to Makati for the Caracol Festival. Although we were short on time, we had a blast! We also made sure that we will go back as we felt our trip was not enough =). Thanks to Brian of for some of the pictures featured on this post.