Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Anniversary Date at Ristra's BGC

Anniversary Date: Mexican Style
by: anakngkidlat

My wife and I had been married for 3 years and what we do have in common when it comes to food is that we try something new. (although in some cases she would regret doing so) We tried to check what delicacy that we have not ventured yet. I for one is more open minded when it comes to international dishes so I suggested  a few. After a few deliberations, we both agreed to try Mexican. We also thought of the budget as most people would say "Sing sarap pero di sing mahal". One way to stay on budget is to avail coupons specifically from Deal Grocer. Luckily, my wife saw a deal from Ristra's and we got it right away.

Ristra's BGC (credits to

 We were at BGC by 8 pm and we nearly got lost because were not familiar with the place. Finally we got in and get settled.

Decors inside gives you a Mexican feel

 Did you know that their restaurant name "Ristra" means an arrangement of chili pods primarily for preservation or decorative purposes. And the staple elements of Mexican food mostly are corn and beans? of course there are a lot of ingredients in between =). So going back to my story, ordered our food based from the menu available from the coupon we got.

Ceylon Orange and Raspberry Tea

Assorted mix for my fajitas!

As I have mentioned earlier about my wife's regretting about trying new food, she said that she was not satisfied with the taste of the food. For me, I could say that it was just fine and my stomach is full.

DIY mix!

simply enjoying the bite

Contact Details:
G/F Fairways Tower, 5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (+632)846-0680


  1. uy, araw araw ng buhay ko - dumadaan ako jan pero never ko pa din natry. hehe

  2. grabe ichan, d ko lang alam kung d ka pa tumaba sa dami ng fud. mabuhay ang mga mahilig kumain!

  3. @chyng. try nu po ung wet burrito. masarap daw po sya although nde ko p po sya natry. warning lng po malaki po sya for 1 person. =)

    @aleli nde nmn ako tataba sa isang kainan eh heheh. tsaka isa pa ung tyan ko lng ang lumalaki hahaha =)

  4. ito ang di ko pa nasasabukan masyado. i love thai, vietnamese, chinese, japanese, malaysian and indian. i should try mexican food soon. hanggang tacos pa lang kasi ako.

  5. ansarap pre..san ba banda yan masubukan nga..di parin ako nakakatry ng mexican food eh...^_^

  6. thanks for sharing this mexican food trip pre...try ko nga rin toh...di ko pa nasusubukan ang fajitas....sana magustuhan ko nga lang...^_^

  7. @Arvin tama po sir

    @Dong try nu po sir kaso kung nde po kau mahilig sa beans meron nmn pong iba =)

    @LT parang Tia Maria's lng din yan pre hehehehe