Saturday, February 11, 2012

From a foiled 5 museum photo challenge into an Intramuros experience

The San Agustin Church and Museum
by: anakngkidlat

With the completion of the tropa's trip to Tanay and Laguna ( 3 waterfalls, 2 churches 1 day) got me thinking of a new concept to where to go next. For a budding photo enthusiast like me, I would like to take pictures that simply captivate or inspire people. I suggested Brian to have a 5 Museum, 1 day challenge. It felt like it's a very interesting trip because there are a lot of museums scattered in Manila and we can even get to more than 5 if the museums are not too far. I made list of the places to visit:

1. CCP Museum
2. Metropolitan Museum
3.BSP Money Museum
4.Museong Pambata
5.National Museum

The side trip would be Intramuros since the National Museum is just a short walk away. It was settled and there were only 4 of us that confirmed for the trip. I also checked for the available museum schedules and found out that the Money Museum is only open during weekdays! "It's ok" I thought since it's just one Museum short maybe we could still check Intramuros then. Finally the day for the trip came but there were slight problems. One is that Brian didn't woke up so he couldn't make it on time. Another is that one of our companions came from the night shift. I'm worried since I was the "promotor" that she would have complications from not having the time to sleep but she said she is used to have no sleep at all and is ok. Just when I thought things will be fine but there were more problems to come.

We were early when we got to the CCP Museum. So we waited a bit and asked the front desk just to find out they do not allow DSLRs inside the museum! And what's more is that they wanted to leave our cameras to them! Disappointing as it may seem but I won't give up. To release my frustration, I took a picture from the flowers nearby.

Flower @ the CCP Grounds

Next was the Metropolitan Museum and sadly it was the same story from CCP. This time I really got disappointed. I wasn't sure if Museong Pambata and National Museum will allow DSLRs so I decided we would go straight to Intramuros specifically, San Agustin! We had a taxi ride so we wouldn't waste time.

Welcome to San Agustin Museum!

The Church was completed in 1607 and had been damaged by an earthquake, destroying one of the towers beside the church. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, It has been the venue to some of high profile weddings in the Philippines.

Inside San Agustin Church
The current museum was once a monastery which was destroyed and made to what it is today.
Bell at the entrance
The Museum allows pictures but not at all rooms and at times no flash should be made. It's fine by me.

Hogwarts-like stairs!

At the second floor there is an access to the choir loft. The intricacy of the work made inside reflects the passion and keen attention to detail of those who made the church.

Lastly there is Father Blanco's Garden. Sad to say it was already closed to the public... I saw it back when I was in college and it is so beautiful and romantic.
Father Blanco
When we had finished our tour, there was a shop in front of the church that we noticed.

That's old for a shop =)
As the name implies, The Papier Tole Shop has almost all sorts of paper made products. I couldn't describe the things we have found there so I will let my pictures speak for itself =).


Salt and Pepper Shaker

Paper tole of Old places in Manila

Cute little turtles
Although my plan has crumbled to dust, We still had a wonderful time exploring a part of Intramuros. Who knows, we might go back for a photo walk or something. (hopefully.... X_X)

Memo to me: Check museums if they do allow DSLRs and make back up plans in case Plan A fails! 


  1. for me, san agustin has the most beautiful interior among the churches i visited.. (bias lang, taga intramuros ako for 5 yrs) hehe

  2. I agree with u although konti p lng po ang mga churches sa pinas na napupuntahan ko..

  3. wah...pambhira...e2 un isa sa namiss ko na trip...kelan ba tau babalik dito...tapos tuloy na ntin ng ongpin foodtrip...^_^

  4. Bri tignan ntin.. Invite ntin si Ms. Chyng sa ongpin.. hehehe