Monday, February 20, 2012

Saan ang lakad ngayong 2012?

What to do and Where to go this 2012?
by anakngkidlat

Many people might say that it is a bit too late for posting my wishes for 2012. But hey, it's just February and there are 10 months to go before this year ends as they say "It's better to be late than never". So here are the things that I hope I could accomplish:

1. Buy a new camera (to be exact a RED Panasonic Lumix G3!)

The Panasonic G3 in RED!

You would ask: "Why Panasonic? Why not a Nikon or Canon?" My answer : "To be different". I don't question the performance of both Nikon and Canon that's why they are selling hot like pancakes. I just simply want to deviate from what most people would choose. Besides, my first camera is also a Panasonic (FZ20). I was satisfied with it but I felt a need to change from a hybrid to an interchangable lens camera.

The Thing is: Currently the price for the G3 is expensive for me (30,000++ php for a single lens kit and 40,000++ php for a 2 lens kit) and there are few distributors not only for the model but for the whole Panasonic line! Although I haven't checked Hidalgo if they do have this. (I hope they do) If there would be ways to have it free (as long as it is Legal) then I would do it. I hope people from Panasonic would see this post ^_^

Update (3/17/2012) I might change my mind in buying a G3. Due to difficulty in finding stores with separate lenses, problems with an available service center and there is a more cheaper DSLR that could match it. Sad to say I might eat my words of being different from the Nikon and Canon users. ( Panasonic needs more reinforcement of stores in the Philippines or else face being unknown against big DSLR competitors with more stores and availability to service)

2.Have my first DOMESTIC airplane trip

Zest Air plane (credits to

You would ask: Really? cheap fares and go light trips have been almost everywhere and you haven't bought one? My answer: Yes... (T_T) You may have noticed though that I specified a Domestic flight. That is because I already had an International flight to USA almost 2 years ago. Sadly, I have not started this blog back then and had no camera to document too.(not even a decent point and shoot). The Destination could be anywhere as long as I could travel by plane.

The Thing is: Although the destination could be anywhere in the country, I would also consider the cost and the weather conditions. It may be cheap to go to Boracay for example, but you can't fully experience it if you went there during the rainy season (Obviously!)

3. Have an out of town or country trip with my wife

Don't leave the country without this!

No need to ask why. There are some things you would want to experience with someone special (That would be my wife)

4. Go to a real Fiesta!

You would ask: What do you mean? My Answer: What I know (at least one aspect) about a real Fiesta is that you would go from house to house and they would serve you with what they have cooked. At the end of the day your stomach will be so full you can't even get up! (correct me if I'm wrong about this)

The Thing is: With the current economic problems  the Philippines and the rest of the world is currently into, Free food would be a scarcity. Don't get me wrong that I just want to go to a Fiesta for food alone.There's something in that practice that I couldn't explain because I haven't tried inviting strangers in my home and feed them on a Feast Day.

5. Meet at least one Blogger that I have been following

You would ask: What for? My Answer: Isn't it great to talk to someone that shares your drive and your passion? I'm not talking about the ordinary blogger. They are the people who had been doing it, had been through a lot of places, had experienced a lot of difficulties and comforts of travel and live to tell it all.You may say that I have accomplished it already with Lakwatserong Tatay but he has paved the way for me to be into blogging and get to know fellow bloggers and their experiences. On that certain level I would like to meet one. (or shall we say another)

The Thing is: With a hectic schedule (not to mention managing VLs) I would need to at least set up a trip and ask the blogger to join or fix my schedule to conform to the Blogger's trip to meet up.

6. Have a Major Climb

Mt. Pinatubo crater (credits to 

You would ask: Why? My Answer: From the climbs I have been, Brian told that they were just minor. I thought, if I'm feeling strain in my legs, get exhausted and yet feel energized once reaching the peak, how does it feel if it is a major climb? It could be twice the pain, but definitely twice the reward!

The Thing is: I would need to ask or join a major climb. The preparation would also be a must! 2012 is still far from over so I hope for at least one major climb. =)

How about you? Have you made your wishlist for this year?


  1. i don't list down my wish list... i have a list of "things to do"... i believe, it's better and it works for me... :)

    Hope you accomplish all your goals this year!! good luck! :)

  2. Thanks po! Kanya kanya nmn po taung strategy as long as it works. =)

  3. wah....bilhin mo na kasi un wish mo...saka kaw na ang meron malupit na out of the country trip...basta un request ko ha...5 tshirts from different country...lam mo na un pre....^_^

  4. Sana gnun kadali anu? adik ka hahahaha!

  5. i love your list, very attainable! go go go! =)
    so san ang 1st target local destination mo?

  6. @ Chyng thanks po. Baka po ung first trip sa Tugegarao.. Pero open p rin nmn po ako sa iba hehehe may suggestion po b kau?

  7. il agree with chyng, very attainable nga ang list mo. For your first local destination...dito na lang sa amin sa cebu, andito na lahat..bundok, dagat atbp.

  8. A very tempting offer po sir. I'll ask my kumander if she'll agree at kung meron pong piso fare hehehehe. Thanks po =)

  9. For your major climb, I recommend Mt. Pulag in Benguet, great views of the sea of clouds, just prepare for the very cold weather. Summer months would be the best time to climb.

  10. @Jay Thank you po for the suggestion! Sabi nga nila maganda tlga sa Mt. Pulag. =)